Save 30 hours a month managing your projects

TaskBlast automates all those tedious tasks that suck up your valuable time


Analyze Project Statuses instantly

TaskBlasts Overview Dashboard will allow you to give project status updates instantly for all your projects in one view.
No need to spend valuable time reviewing tasks and reports to build a picture, TaskBlast does this for you and compacts it into a simple visual tile.

Visual focus is directed to red tiles which are behind schedule so you can quickly get things back on track and ensure that deadline is met.

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Manage all projects from one view

Once you identify that a project needs attention, you don't even need to leave this view. Just click on the square icon to open the sidebar to view more info about potential bottlenecks.

Click on any task to open in editor view so you can essentially manage all your projects from this one view without having to open each individual project kanban.

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Automate tasks & save valuable time

Taskblast can identify possible bottlenecks in advance and automatically follow-up with the assigned users to request an update on your behalf. This makes TaskBlast proactive instead of reactive which can have a significant impact on your projects because it acts immediately ensuring issues are dealt with quickly.

You can configure it to automate many scenarios such as due tomorrow, overdue, marked as a blocker and much more. (This feature is expected to be ready end of October 2017)

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Are you ready to cut your workload by 50%

Reduce Onboarding Time

We believe the focus should be on the work, not using the software. This meant stripping out all the bells and whistles so that anyone can start using it right away without any training.

Any configuration that needs to be done can be done directly from the Kanban view and all features are intuitive and easy to use. The result is a simple and intuitive solution that requires no onboarding.


Agile focus helps productivity

If your team uses an agile methodology then TaskBlast has the tools to help you implement agile successfully. Backlog, Milestones, Scrum/Sprints/Scrumban, Work in progress limits, Velocity and more.

We are also actively working on two new features to help manage your daily stand-ups and also a sprint review feature. We don't impose anything on you. If you want to use a hybrid version of agile or don't want to use agile at all then TaskBlast can work equally as well.

Manage all your project in one view

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Up and running quickly !

I love the visibility the high level overview provides. I was able to get my team using it the same day we set it up without any training.

Jim varnon - CEO Max Value software
Customer for Life !

I spent more time figuring out how to use Jira than managing my projects, most features I never used. TaskBlast has just what I need without the complexity - Customer for life.

Florin Oprina - TaskBlast User
Easy Communication

Task Blast makes it easy to communicate with my coworker who won't be up for 8 hours. It keeps important information and tasks from being buried in group chats/emails!

Chris Birkey- TaskBlast User