Our Story

Having worked as a project manager for a software company, i struggled to find a solution that was both powerful and simple. I found Trello, Basecamp and similar solutions were too simplistic for the needs of a software team.

However, when I looked at the more feature rich solutions like Atlassian's Jira, they were way too complex. The less technical people on the team struggled figuring out how to use it and the setup took hours and hours. I just wanted something simple, agile and powerful.

Since I couldn't find that solution I decided to build my own platform, TaskBlast. An Irish company, we currently operate out of the Portershed, Eyre Square, Galway and The Spool Factory in Boyle, Co.Roscommon.

I also felt that along with the lack of simplicity, other solutions didn't do enough to help me do my job quicker so we also began looking at ways to automate tedious, repetitive and time consuming tasks that project managers and developers have to do on a daily basis.

Our Vision

When people realise they have outgrown their current solutions like Trello and Basecamp, we want to offer an alternative to the bulky and complicated solutions currently available.

We want to remove as much friction as possible to allow people to do what they want as simply and in as few clicks as possible.

Ultimately we want not only to become known for a tool that is both powerful and simple, but also for providing a suite of tools for the software industry that integrate seamlessly while always been powerful and simple.

Our customers will ultimately determine our success and as such we will always keep the lines of communication open no matter how big we become. We will always use our products on a daily basis to put ourselves in our customers shoes. We understand our customers because we are our customers.

Alan MacGregor
Customer Support
Shimul Dey
Lead Developer
Paul Moran
Alex Dourn
James Langan