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Analyze project statuses instantly

TaskBlasts Overview Dashboard will allow you to give project status updates instantly for all your projects in one view.

No need to spend valuable time reviewing tasks and reports to build a picture, TaskBlast does this for you and compacts it into a simple visual tile.

Visual focus is directed to red tiles which are behind schedule to allow you to quickly get things back on track and ensure that deadline is met. Analyze the expected costs of the project based on progress so far to ensure the project stays on budget.

Manage all projects from one view

Once you identify that a project needs attention via the overview, click on the square icon to open the sidebar to view more specific info about potential bottlenecks.

From here click on any task to open the task in the editor view. This allows you to manage all your projects at a high level from this one view without having to open each individual project kanban view. Perfect for any busy project manager.

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Time Tracking and budgeting

Manage your time tracking conviently and quickly via the sidebar. You can edit the time manually and you can track multiple tasks at the same time allowing you to quickly switch between tasks.

For managers and stakeholders you can view a report of all the time tracked and costs for a project. Group by tasks or by user and filter by date and billable or non-billable hours.

Finally, quickly view the current cost, budget and projected cost for each project in a single glance with the overview page. This allows you to not only keep on track of what projects are on track but also what projects are on budget. We plan to expand on the capabilities and features of time tracking soon.

No complicated setup, you will be creating tasks within a minute of registering!

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Plan your projects with Gantt charts.

Our schedule view gives a simple way to schedule your projects and tasks but for those that want a more visual way the Gantt chart might be the perfect choice.

A simple and easy to use interface with is fully integrated into TaskBlast. Updating the start date or duration in a task will automatically sync to the Gantt view and vice versa, any attributes updated in the Gantt chart are updated in the task information. This gives a perfect seamless two-way integration without any setup, API integration or additional costs.

Agile focus helps productivity

If your team uses an agile methodology then TaskBlast has the tools to help you implement agile successfully. Backlog, Milestones, Scrum/Sprints/Scrumban, Work in progress limits, Velocity and more.

We are also actively working on two new features to help manage your daily stand-ups and also a sprint review feature. We don't impose anything on you. If you want to use a hybrid version of agile or don't want to use agile at all then TaskBlast can work equally as well.


Reduce Onboarding Time

We believe the focus should be on the work, not using the software. This meant stripping out all the bells and whistles so that anyone can start using it right away without any training.

Any configuration that needs to be done can be done directly from the Kanban view. The result is a simple and intuitive solution that requires no onboarding.

All you need to worry about then, is what to do with all that free time!

Give your team the tools they deserve


Slack Integration

Slack integration is quick and easy to setup. Once you sync you can choose a chat group to sync to a project. This will create a two way sync so that anything you post on Slack is available in TaskBlast and anything you post on TaskBlast is instantly available on Slack.

This is just another way that helps you avoid duplication of data and solve the problem of scattered and decentralised collaboration.

Source Control Integration

With Bitbucket and Github you can link any repository and branch to a project. This will allow you to get a feed of all the recent checkins to that branch.

You can quickly switch between branches once linked and this will save you having to review emails or login to BitBucket/GitHub to see what the latest checkins were.

Another feature you might find useful is smart commits. Once you include the TaskBlast task number at the start of a commit, it will automatically link the commit to that task and show the commit information in the task. Gitlab intergration is also on the roadmap.

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Milestone/Sprint Progress

TaskBlast analyzes each individual developer across recent projects. It then uses that information to intelligently predict how long future tasks will take.

This information is then shown as TaskBlast adjusted estimates, which can be used to more accurately to estimate how long a project might take.

Burndown charts allow you to see your current velocity and plot the expected finish date. This view is available in the sidebar menu from any Kanban view and also in the sidebar in the high level overview.

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Up and running quickly !

I love the visibility the high level overview provides. I was able to get my team using it the same day we set it up without any training.

Jim varnon - CEO Max Value software
Customer for Life !

I spent more time figuring out how to use Jira than managing my projects, most features I never used. TaskBlast has just what I need without the complexity - Customer for life.

Florin Oprina - TaskBlast User
Easy Communication

Task Blast makes it easy to communicate with my coworker who won't be up for 8 hours. It keeps important information and tasks from being buried in group chats/emails!

Chris Birkey- TaskBlast User