More time coding, less duplication

Seamless integration with source control automates key tasks for developers


Save time by avoiding duplication

We believe a good project management tool for a project manager is one they rarely have to use. To do that we are committed to reducing or eliminating as much duplication as possible.

Using keywords while committing to BitBucket or GitHub, you can tell TaskBlast to close a task, move it to the ready for testing lane and add a comment directly to the related task in TaskBlast ensuring you only have to enter the data once.

Do repetitive task quickly and simply

We often find ourselves doing the same things over and over again. If your updating the priorities nobody wants to have to click 10 times to find it or open each individual issue to set it.

That was a frustration we found with other solutions which we solved with TaskBlast and now all the common attributes are available with one click directly from the Kanban view making your experience a better and more efficient one.


See all your task in one view

The Schedule > My Tasks view shows all your tasks in one view and removes all the clutter to let you focus on what you need to do.

To plan your workload simply drag your tasks to lanes such as today, tomorrow, next week etc. As time passes your tasks will automatically move to the relevant lane. For example if you moved some tasks to next week, once Monday comes around those tasks automatically move to the this week lane.

Are you ready to cut your workload by 50%

Reduce Onboarding Time

We believe the focus should be on the work, not using the software. This meant stripping out all the bells and whistles so that anyone can start using it right away without any training.

Any configuration that needs to be done can be done directly from the Kanban view and all features are intuitive and easy to use. The result is a simple and intuitive solution that requires no onboarding.


Agile focus helps productivity

If your team uses an agile methodology then TaskBlast has the tools to help you implement agile successfully. Backlog, Milestones, Scrum/Sprints/Scrumban, Work in progress limits, Velocity and more.

We are also actively working on two new features to help manage your daily stand-ups and also a sprint review feature. We don't impose anything on you. If you want to use a hybrid version of agile or don't want to use agile at all then TaskBlast can work equally as well.


Manage all your project in one view

People like You Are Using TaskBlast

Up and running quickly !

I love the visibility the high level overview provides. I was able to get my team using it the same day we set it up without any training.

Jim varnon - CEO Max Value software
Customer for Life !

I spent more time figuring out how to use Jira than managing my projects, most features I never used. TaskBlast has just what I need without the complexity - Customer for life.

Florin Oprina - TaskBlast User
Easy Communication

Task Blast makes it easy to communicate with my coworker who won't be up for 8 hours. It keeps important information and tasks from being buried in group chats/emails!

Chris Birkey- TaskBlast User