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Combining lean processes from agile, scrum and kanban you can make a substancial improvement in productivity and focus within the team. TaskBlast helps provide the tools to make that easy.

  1. Plan: Create a wishlist of tasks for the current project and add them to your backlog
  2. Organize: Use the Kanban and Schedule view to organize your tasks into manageable sprints so the finish line is always visible and achievable.
  3. Monitor: Get real time reports on deadline projections and potential bottlenecks so you can react and keep the project on track
  4. Ship and Learn: At the end of each sprint, get a report on bottlenecks and problem issues, review them and avoid these mistakes in future.

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The backlog is the wishlist of tasks for the current project. This is where we will pick tasks from when creating a sprint. Use the tools at your disposal to quickly and easily create tasks, bugs and features.

Add images inline and set attributes such as priority, alerts, due dates, estimates, status and much more



Sprints break projects into smaller chunks (usually 2 weeks per sprint) which gives the team a clear and achievable goal. Ideally aim for something deliverable you can use and test by the end of each sprint.

TaskBlast also analyzes previous project estimates and actual hours by each user so it can provide you with an adjusted estimate that will help the project manager estimate deadlines more accurately.

Once the sprint is started use the kanban lanes to keep everyone in the loop of the progress of each task.

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Create a continous loop of improvement among your team

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By adapting to things in real time we can ensure that a project gone off the rails can get back on track quickly and hit that deadline

Use the live burndown chart to see if your on schedule and what date the project is estimated to finish on.

See available hours vs. actual hours to determine if you have the required allocation of available hours to complete the project on time.


Ship & Learn

Unless you learn from your mistakes you are destined to repeat them. TaskBlast identifies the key bottlenecks and problem issues in the completed sprint and outputs a simple report recapping this information.

This makes it easy to create a discussion after each completed sprint discussing what causes those issues and how to prevent them in future sprints.

That is incredibly powerful because after every sprint you will reduce friction and create a continuous loop of improvement and you will notice your team becoming more efficient nd faster with every sprint.

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TaskBlast Overview Video Demo.

This video demo captures the key features of TaskBlast in a short video. We focus on simplicity and the key features every development team needs. We also kept in mind that Project Managers, Developers and Q.A all have very different needs and we try to cater for each individually.

People     TaskBlast

  • I love the ease-of-use and high level overview the Kanban provides - I was able to get my team using it the same day we set it up without any training. Kudos for the amazing support too, really quick turnaround!

    Jim Varnon
    CEO - Max Value Software
  • It's clear to see just how seriously these guys take design. I've never come across a project management system with the level of polish as this - and don't even get me started on the clipboard tool, there is simply NO competition. Customer for life.

    Florin Oprina
    TaskBlast Customer
  • Task Blast is an easy way to create a single channel for one task, so that I can communicate with my coworker who won't be up for 8 hours, when I will be asleep. It keeps important information and tasks from being buried in group chats or long email chains!

    Chris Birkey
    TaskBlast Customer

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Paul Moran

Founder, Designer, Developer, Marketing and Support. The all rounder of the team.

Several years experience working for a software development company in a variety of roles such as design, Tech Support & Q.A Manager, Project Manager and developer.

Shimul Dey
Lead Developer

Lead Developer for TaskBlast Shimul has been an integral part of the team since the idea stage.

With a wealth of experience in the software and development industry Shimul is the engine behind all the features and functionality of the product.